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COVID-19/Coronavirus Protection Services

COVID-19/Coronavirus Protection Services

Building Service Industries is proud to be in business for over 20 years; with our knowledge and experience, we can protect the essential businesses by offering COVID-19/Coronavirus Protection Services.  If you’re an essential business still operating at this time, keeping your workplace safe and free from infection is likely a primary concern. This is true both to prevent illness in the facility and to preserve peace of mind for all occupants, so they know all steps are being taken to keep them safe.  We strongly recommend professionally disinfecting your facility as a way to keep your employees and occupants safe and to keep essential personnel working in this time of crisis.  Professional sanitizing can reach all corners of the facility. By applying disinfectant using a combination of techniques—including fogging, surface wiping, and spraying—areas of the building are addressed that would otherwise be missed by ordinary cleaning.

Commercial properties of all types must take every step possible to protect their customers and employees from unnecessary exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. BSI provides various cleaning, sanitation, and emergency services to help keep your business open and safe. Building Service Industries offers the following services for COVID-19 cleaning:

Interior COVID-19/Coronavirus Protection Services

BSI’s products sanitize and safely keep businesses clean. These products meet the criteria for use against the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and COVID-19 and are compliant with the established list of EPA disinfectants. Our program is designed to keep your location clean, sanitized, and up and running.

Our Services Include:

  • Back-of-house/building
  • Door handles
  • Appliances
  • Front-of-house/building
  • Tabletops
  • Common areas / Lobbies
  • Flooring
  • Food prep surfaces
  • Registers
  • Restrooms
  • Counters

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is most commonly passed from person to person. However, scientists at the National Institute of Health (NIH) have now determined that the virus can stay active on some surfaces for up to 3 days. This means general cleaning will help, but it won’t eliminate germs to stop it from spreading.

Commercial office cleaning with disinfectants should include a deep cleaning of all areas of the office with a special focus on high-touch areas and common areas. Commercial cleaning services should separate disinfecting and sanitizing processes.

Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Services in Nassau, New York, and Westchester County

At BSI, we are supporting businesses all over Nassau Country, New York, and Westchester County in the fight against coronavirus. Our teams are offering both proactive and emergency response solutions to cleaning your building. Our COVID-19 services, available for commercial businesses, include the following:

  • Proactive Risk Reduction – To help boost your daily cleaning and janitorial efforts, we are fogging an area or entire buildings with an EPA-approved disinfectant.
  • Touchpoint Cleaning – If you need additional cleaning support, we can be contracted to wipe down frequently touched areas, including phones, computer keyboards, and doorknobs. After this process, we will fog the area or entire building with an EPA-approved disinfectant.
  • Confirmed Exposure Deep Cleaning – In the unfortunate event of a confirmed or suspected viral exposure, we offer a full deep cleaning of buildings. Utilizing full PPE safety measures and building containment protocols, our trained teams conduct a deep cleaning of surfaces. We are responding to these calls 24/7 to help keep essential services up and running.

These types of services are important for businesses to prevent the spread of this virus. Whether an area has been exposed or your business is just looking to take some preventative measures, Building Service Industries has the tools and expertise to help.  We are advising all essential services to put together a brief “what if” plan in the event their facility has a confirmed viral exposure. You cannot afford to shut down your operation for long. Building Service Industries is your trusted partner to clean your facility and get you back up and running?

BSI currently works with the following industries for COVID-19 cleaning and emergency response • Police and fire departments • Transportation companies • Senior Living Facilities • Medical Buildings / Facilities • Education • Warehousing • Manufacturing • Pharmacies • Religious • Insurance • Media/Communications • Utilities • Banking/Financial • Municipalities • 

Safe and Healthy Environments

A big part of our lives is spent working so without a safe and healthy environment, productivity could be a challenge. Every opportunity we have to improve your workspace is one we take with enthusiasm and commitment. We can offer you weekly inspections and sanitize of every surface in your office, from desks to door handles. During this time, we’ll also have our cleaning services available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, in the event your office has special cleaning needs.

Our professional cleaners are here to serve you with the same attention to detail and commitment to exceptional customer service, just as we have for the past 20 years we’ve been in business. We’ve always emphasized the quality of our cleaning services speaking for itself, especially now in a time when sanitary is synonymous with safety. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or special cleaning needs.

Give us a call today or complete our contact form and we can call you.

Healthy Schools and Clean Floors

Healthy Schools and Clean Floors

If you’re in charge of maintaining clean and healthy schools, restrooms and cafeterias are probably your first area of focus. What many people don’t realize is that clean floors are a crucial part of keeping schools clean, and not just for the sake of appearances. Dirty floors can harbor germs that might cause disease or allergic reactions in a great number of students. If the school has been sitting unused all summer, you can be sure that dust, dirt, and other contaminants have made a home on every surface.

Deep cleaning can reduce allergens and bacteria, dust, dirt, mold, and pollen. It also sets the stage for regularly scheduled sanitizing to help stop the spread of COVID-19, TB, staph infections, meningitis, and other contagious conditions. Being vigilant should be a top priority, and it all starts before school starts.

Healthier Restroom Floors

Restrooms are one of the largest health hazards.  In a restroom, it isn’t the dirt you see, it’s the bacteria that you don’t see. The germs take hold in this rich environment and spread to anyone placing a purse or backpack on the floor. Floor-to-ceiling attention is needed to ensure all surfaces are sanitized. Best practices include high-pressure cleaning and disinfection of walls, partitions, floors, urinals, toilets, and sinks. This is a good time for grout repairs too. Keeping restroom floors clean is a necessary step for creating healthy schools. Use a cleaning system that employs tools to scrub the grout and a vacuum that removes the germs and all the moisture on the floor. Start the year off right with pristine bathrooms, and it will be easier to keep up with regular maintenance throughout the year.

Healthier Carpeted Floors

Carpets often contain dirt, mold, and pollutants that love to hide in carpets. In K-5 schools it is especially needed to keep the floors clean for crawling, sprawling, and sitting kids. Not only are dirty carpets unsightly, but they can negatively affect indoor air quality. Studies have shown that properly cleaned carpets help reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. Back-to-school cleaning should include carpet extraction and sanitization. This is also the time to strip and wax hallways and classroom floors. Shiny floors make a great impression, and well-maintained floors last longer.

Healthier Tile Floors

Tile floors are often found in Gyms, weight rooms, locker rooms. Durable and easy to mop, the tile floor is traditionally cleaned after school by the custodial staff. Mopping might make the floor look like it’s clean, but it’s spreading the dirt and germs smoothly over the floor’s surface. These floors can be breeding grounds for TB, staph, and other infectious organisms. Start now with a deep cleaning and sanitization of all surfaces and equipment, and then keep ahead of problems with routine cleaning. Students should also be required to wear footwear while in the gym and flip-flops in locker rooms. Remind them to not share personal equipment and to regularly wash their athletic clothes. With football season approaching, plan to add a weekly misting system to your cleaning procedures, because such systems can kill 99.99% of bacteria.  A cleaning system that dispenses cleaning solution before vacuuming the moisture and dirt away is the best option for a clean and healthy tile floor.

Healthier Windows

Windows and lighting contribute to good learning. Windows should be washed inside and out to bring in the most natural daylight. Light fixtures need detailed cleaning also.  Replacing old lightbulbs is one of the fastest ways to freshen up your classrooms and hallways. Students and teachers respond well to the crisp white light emitted by new bulbs versus the dimmer, yellow-brown color of older bulbs. While new lights will give your interior a boost it will also show any hidden dirt lurking in corners. Make sure that your cleaning regime tackles overlooked spots, display hardware, and even the parts that no one sees, like the desks and near the cubbies.

Routine cleaning and disinfecting is key to maintaining a safe environment for faculty, students, and staff.

Cleaning removes dirt and most germs and is usually done with soap and water.  Disinfecting kills most germs, depending on the type of chemical, and only when the chemical product is used as directed on the label.
Routine cleaning and disinfecting should be done at least once a day (or more, depending on use patterns) on high touch point surfaces and objects such as:

  • Face shield
  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Stair rails
  • Classroom desks and chairs
  • Lunchroom tables and chairs
  • Countertops
  • Handrails
  • Light switches
  • Handles on equipment (e.g., athletic equipment)
  • Push-buttons on vending machines and elevators
  • Shared toys
  • Shared remote controls
  • Shared telephones
  • Shared desktops
  • Shared computer keyboards and mice
  • Bus seats and handrails
  • Note: Computer keyboards are difficult to clean. Shared computers should have signs posted instructing proper hand hygiene before and after using them to minimize disease transmission. To facilitate cleaning, consider using covers that protect the keys but enable the use of the keys.

We Clean for Health, and in the process create a clean appearance! Our focus as a cleaning company is to create healthy offices, schools, meeting rooms, etc.and to make sure the environment the following day does not promote illness in any way. Regular disinfecting kills bacteria, viruses, and pathogens which is important for all to understand.  Here are the CDC Recommended Guidelines for How to Clean and Disinfect Schools.

The industries we service include professional, industrial, financial, health care, educational, retail, and restaurants. Get in touch with Building Service Industries today!

Commercial Hard Surface Cleaning

Commercial Hard Surface Cleaning

Whatever floor you have, Building Service Industries will keep it clean. Not only will this impress your clients, customers, or tenants, but it can also prevent the spread of disease, reduce the possibility of accidents, and protect your floors longterm. BSI provides floor care services for a variety of floor types and a variety of industries. Whether you own an apartment complex or a retail location, we will make sure your floors shine and are spotless with routine waxing, buffing, and vacuuming. And as one of our stand-alone services, we recommend pairing this service with our window cleaning or carpet cleaning to get even more of your building’s cleaning at an affordable rate. We provide floor care for the following surfaces.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

BSI cleans bathrooms, kitchens, lobby areas, and other rooms that have tile and grout. By utilizing our high-pressure cleaning system, BSI cleans the grout so that it looks as good as the first day they were installed.  Tile and grout surface gradually develop a build-up of dirt, grime, and soil that then harden and become extremely resistant to removal. Regular cleaning and mopping are no match for these hard to clean surfaces. Besides, mold can eventually develop on tiles and grout and may pose a health hazard.  Our cleaning crew disinfects and removes dirt and bacteria from showers, tubs, floors, countertops, and all surfaces where tiles and grout have become both unsightly and unsanitary.  Scrubbing won’t do the trick once dirt and germs have settled into the grout. Choose the cleaning experts to rid your home or office of the most difficult and potentially hazardous tile and grout residue; give Building Service Industries a call today.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Terrazzo is a unique surface, primarily found as flooring, that traditionally contains marble chips of different sizes and colors held together with a cement base or, in newer applications, with a resin or epoxy base.  Over time your Terrazzo floor may become dull from a build-up of dirt or from waxing (which should never be done) and require professional cleaning. BSI implements steps in cleaning and restoring Terrazzo flooring, which includes:

  • Vacuuming the floor to remove any surface dirt, pet hair, or other debris.
  • Grinding the floor- A machine is used that disperses water and grinds the floor by first using a rough grit, then medium grit, and then fine grit to clean and smooth the floor. This requires going over the floor three times removing the dirty water and reapplying fresh water each time the grit is changed.
  • All holes or cracks in your flooring are patched to match the original floor. Once the mortar is dry a grinder is used to smooth the patched area to match the smoothness of the rest of the floor.
  • Floors are then polished to a high shine.
  • A sealant is applied that is made especially for the Terrazzo floor to help protect it from damage.

Marble Cleaning

Marble is a beautiful natural material that is available in many colors and patterns and may be installed in various locations; from floors to showers and countertops.  Building Service Industries is available to restore all of your stone to its natural beauty and help you care for your stone properly to maximize its full potential and ensure the longevity of the finished material.  Different marbles require different attention; from basic cleaning and sealing to a full restoration, we will help you determine what is best for your stone and service you need.

Your marble may need refinishing; is it too dull or too shiny? If you have a new floor with some tiles that look more glossy than others – let us even out the finish for you. BSI can deliver a beautifully restored or changed marble finish.  Marble floors also have dull areas associated with wear patterns, scratches, etches, or spots that need honing to restore it.  With our marble honing services, our expert technicians can achieve a honed or soft matte finish that is warm and inviting.  Once the honing process is complete to overcome an uneven finish, dull spots, or etches we polish the marble.  Using the appropriate polishing powders to restore the finish the way you would like it to look: matte, semi-gloss, or gloss finish.

Do you have chipped marble tiles, any cracks in your floor, or a broken tile? Before you replace the marble, you may want to consider first repairing it. BSI can fill holes in marble, fix marble cracks and chips, blending the repair site with the surrounding area, and honing and polishing it to match the finish on the rest of your marble floor, countertop, or other stone surfaces.  If a replacement tile is needed because it is beyond repair then we will remove the affected tile without damaging the surrounding ones, reinstall the new tile, level the installed tile with the surrounding area, then match the finish as closely as possible.

The marble cleaning processes vary based on the surface condition and type of dirt or oil being removed. Marble is easier to keep clean with periodic professional deep cleaning services, using non-acidic, highly-effective cleaning solutions. Once your marble floors, showers, tub surrounds, walls, and other marble surfaces are cleaned and restored, we highly recommend you have us seal them to enhance their stain resistance. All stones (unless resined) are naturally porous. If left unsealed, there’s always a risk of spilling a colored or reactive liquid, discoloring your stone. While most stains can be removed, marble stain removal can be a time consuming, expensive, and often frustrating process. Sealing represents an inexpensive, preventative measure against marble stain damage.

Rely on BSI – Building Service Industries for Professional Janitorial Services
Enhance the way your commercial space looks with our custom janitorial and office cleaning solutions. Our comprehensive cleaning assistance will give your office a face-lift. You will be impressed to know that we also provide building maintenance. From window washing and floor waxing to sanitizing and carpet cleaning, we have you covered.

The industries we service include professional, industrial, financial, health care, educational, retail, and restaurants. Get in touch with Building Service Industries today!

floor sanitization

Floor Sanitization Services

Commercial Floor Care

Clean well-maintained floors add property value but with today’s virus going around having a company that can offer floor sanitization services is an important resource for the health of your business. Safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind these days, keeping your floors cleaned will keep everyone healthy and also enhance your interior’s appearance.  Professional floor care protects your floor surface and adds to its longevity so you can go decades without needing to replace floors.

Flooring surfaces can contain bacteria, viruses, and similar debris; I mean we are walking all over them!  To promote health, it is recommended that your floors are regularly sanitized. The Building Service Industries team is dedicated to providing cleaning services that not only impact the aesthetic look of your building but also keep its occupants healthier by cleaning and disinfecting. We hold ourselves to a high standard and use cleaning supplies that are approved by the EPA for destroying viruses.

Vinyl Composition Tile Cleaning

Building Service Industries offers Vinyl Composition Tile cleaning or VCT. Vinyl Composition Tile is usually in high traffic, medium traffic, and low traffic areas; by using our proven cleaning techniques your floors will shine. VCT flooring is found in businesses such as grocery stores, retail stores, hospitals, and high traffic locations because of its resistance to corrosive chemicals. Complete floor care routine for vinyl floors (VCT) involves stripping, waxing, then scrubing, re-coating, and the finally burnishing. So if you need an expert in VCT give us a call for a FREE estimate.

Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and upholstery cleaning is not only about cleaning your chairs and couches in places such as waiting rooms, but it is about protecting your investment and taking preventative measures to prolong the life of your furniture.  The beauty and life of a carpet depending on the care and maintenance it receives. Proper commercial carpet cleaning will keep your business, office, or retail store’s carpet looking great for its full lifetime. The properly cleaned carpet will also improve your indoor air quality. For a business, maintaining your carpet will also protect your company’s pocketbook.

Building Service Industries can provide one-time carpet cleaning, emergency carpet cleaning (after fires or floods) or regular carpet cleaning services as part of our general maintenance plans, or as part of your general office cleaning plans. Call us anytime to get a FREE carpet cleaning estimate.

Antimicrobial Spraying Services

In addition to our floor sanitization services we also disinfection of the office or site. Building Service Industries applies an application of an antimicrobial shielding agent, capable of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms for up to 90 days.* All chemicals used are EPA-registered, and are on the organization’s “List N”, a comprehensive list of agents determined to be capable of combatting the propagation of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that has caused the COVID-19 pandemic.

We strive to utilize the industry’s leading methods and materials to provide high-quality cleaning services and ensure client satisfaction with every job.  Give us a call today or complete our form and we will call you for a FREE estimate.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Cleaning and Disinfecting for COVID-19

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Household

There is much to learn about the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Based on what is currently known about COVID-19, regular cleaning and disinfecting of households and high traffic areas limit the survival of the virus in the environment.  The CDC offers a description of terms and the following guidelines for household cleaning.

These guidelines are focused on household settings and are meant for the general public.

  • Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. It does not kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.
  • Disinfecting refers to using chemicals, for example, EPA-registered disinfectants, to kill germs on surfaces. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

Everyone’s home is a little different, so think about the surfaces you interact with most. Now that you know what you’re cleaning, here’s how you should do it.

First Clean, Then Disinfect: Clean the surfaces by removing any contaminants, dust, or debris. You can do this by wiping them with soapy water (or a cleaning spray) and a hand towel.  Then apply a surface-appropriate disinfectant. The quickest and easiest way to do this is with disinfecting wipes or disinfectant spray.

It is highly recommended before starting you follow all safety protocols, read and follow the directions on the label to ensure safe and effective use.  Decide also what you will be cleaning; is it a hard (non-porous) surface or a soft (porous) surface, this factor alone will determine how cleaning and disinfecting the area will be handled.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Safety Protocols

  1. Wear skin protection and consider eye protection for potential splash hazards
  2. Ensure adequate ventilation
  3. Use no more than the amount recommended on the label
  4. Use water at room temperature for dilution (unless stated otherwise on the label)
  5. Avoid mixing chemical products
  6. Label diluted cleaning solutions
  7. Store and use chemicals out of the reach of children and pets

Now you can start disinfecting the area; you want to go beyond light cleaning. When cleaning your house ensure you’re using strong cleaning products to disinfect the high-touch areas in your home.  If it is touched throughout the day, clean it! Once a day may not be enough because no one is sure yet how long these germs can live on specific surfaces. You should sanitize these areas several times each day.

Check the label also to see the manufacture’s guidelines for how long to leave the liquid on the surface to kill the germs before wiping clean.  Typically, when using any type of disinfectant, it is important to wait at least 30 seconds to several minutes (check the label for timing) for the product to effectively kill a germ or virus.

Hard (non-porous) Surfaces

When cleaning and disinfecting any area with chemicals ensure you protect your skin by wearing disposable gloves. It is recommended that the gloves be discarded after each cleaning or use. If you are using reusable gloves then, those gloves should be dedicated to cleaning and disinfection of surfaces for COVID-19 and should not be used for other cleaning purposes. Once you have removed the gloves and completed cleaning wash hands immediately after gloves are removed.

Soft (porous) Surfaces
Cleaning soft (porous) surfaces such as carpeted floor, rugs, and drapes, remove visible contamination if present and clean with appropriate cleaners indicated for use on these surfaces. If possible, launder items using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items and dry items completely.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Phone

Coronavirus germs can live on our phones, which is why we need to be cleaning them now more than ever.  Anyone with an iPhone, Apple recommends using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to gently wipe the exterior surfaces of your iPhone. Do not use bleach. Samsung has not commented on whether wipes are a good way to clean your phone.  Don’t forget the phone case as this needs to be cleaned with a disinfecting wipe also.

Should You Disinfect Packages and Mail?

Yes, lightly!  According to the USPS, mail and packages are relatively low-risk for transmitting the novel coronavirus. Researchers have found that it can live on cardboard for around 24 hours, so giving packages a quick cleaning with a disinfecting wipe is a great idea.

Does Cleaning Your Clothes Remove Germs?

Yes, just by simply washing your clothes with regular laundry soap and drying it at slightly higher temperatures than you might have otherwise is all you have to do to disinfect your clothes.  Be sure to disinfect surfaces the dirty laundry comes in contact with, including the hamper and your hands.  This is especially important if you have a sick person in the house.  In addition, clean and disinfect the hamper like you would any other surface, and wash your hands thoroughly after handling dirty laundry from someone who is ill. The CDC recommends using a liner in your hamper to help.

Keep Washing Your Hands

It’s been repeated countless times, but that’s because it’s true: no matter what you do, the best way to lower your risk of contracting COVID-19 or passing it to someone else is to wash your hands.  The CDC recommends a vigorous 20-second scrub with soap and water that extends beyond the hands to the wrists, between the fingers, and under the fingernails.

Building Service Industries offers FREE ESTIMATES call us today to learn more about our services that will make your home healthier and safer in the days and months ahead.

touchpoint cleaning

Touchpoint Cleaning

What is Touchpoint Cleaning?

TouchPoint Cleaning is a system of cleaning that focuses on high-traffic areas specifically “touchpoints”. A few examples of touchpoints are; light switches, tv remotes, computer keyboards, doorknobs, elevator buttons. These are considered high-risk areas to come in contact with the disease, viruses, and germs.  Touchpoints are the most important areas to address when cleaning.

According to the CDC, “High-touch surfaces are surfaces that are handled frequently throughout the day by numerous people.” Everyone’s home and office are a little different, so the surfaces we touch the most will vary depending on habits and routines. Here are home and office cleaning tips straight from the CDC. Some additional examples of high-touch surfaces include:

  • Doorknobs
  • Sink faucets and knobs
  • Phones
  • Table surfaces
  • Dining chairs (seat, back and arms)
  • Kitchen counters
  • Bathroom counters
  • Toilets (seat and handle)
  • TV remote controls
  • Toys

A member of the janitorial staff, such as a day porter, will be able to go around your facility, disinfecting these touchpoints throughout the day. Regular disinfection will be able to reduce the spread of illnesses to anyone using your restroom, kitchen, or other common areas.

How Is BSI – Building Service Industries Different?

BSI is a full-service professional cleaning company that focuses on quality. Our touchpoint disinfection service is not simply wiping down a surface with a microfiber cloth. We follow the correct rules and directions by TouchPoint Cleaning best practices. Our staff is fully trained on how to disinfect touch point areas. When disinfecting we use the proper tools; masks, gloves, shoe covers, mops, and microfiber towels. We only use CDC recommended and EPA registered broad-spectrum cleaning solutions that are considered a low hazard and don’t have a harsh chemical smell.

How to Make your Office Safer for Everyone During COVID-19

While the spread of the virus might feel unavoidable, but good cleaning and disinfection routines can greatly reduce or eliminate the risk of a viral count of COVID-19 on surfaces and objects in the office. As employers, it’s our responsibility to maintain a clean environment and to ensure every person feels safe.

The CDC has provided detailed instructions on how to clean and disinfect workspaces, as well as a list of EPA-Approved disinfectants known to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). While the CDC’s interim guidance should be read, understood, and followed closely, here are a few key points you should know before you begin:

  • Use disposable gloves gowns, a mask (like a cloth face covering) for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Carefully remove and throw them away immediately after disinfection and trash disposal.
  • Always clean before beginning disinfection.
  • Cleaning with a detergent or soap and water solution removes particles that can carry the risk of COVID-19 on surfaces. This reduces the viral load before disinfection begins, which helps the disinfectant to be more effective in killing the remaining virus.

Building Service Industries offers FREE ESTIMATES call us today to learn more about our services that will make your office and business healthier and safer in the days and months ahead.

professional cleaning services

5 reasons why you should hire a professional cleaning service

Why hire a professional cleaning service?

Hiring a professional cleaning company can bring great benefits to your business. Business owners do not typically think much about office cleaning and maintenance aside from scheduling it. However, janitorial cleaning services offer numerous benefits to businesses, especially small to midsize companies. Of course, to which extent professional cleaning can benefit your company can greatly depend on whether you’ve hired the right experts in janitorial services.

In order to reap all the perks that commercial cleaning brings, you first need to find the leading commercial cleaning company. Building Service Industries understands the importance of a fresh, healthy, and clean work environment can play a crucial role in improving your business.

Our Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

The #1 reason to hire Building Service Industries for your cleaning service for your business is that they are the professionals! They are trained in the proper way to clean, dust, and sanitize your office space. Having a clean office is more than just being organized. The professionals know the way to give your office the clean environment it needs to help keep your staff and customers healthy.

As most business owners can agree when your staff is out sick it puts a strain on the rest of the staff and often lowers productivity. When your office or retail space is clean, dust-free, and properly sanitized it can cut down on germs and your staff will be less likely to get sick. A clean and healthy environment leads to happy office staff.

A great convenience to business owners when hiring a professional cleaning service is the cleaners bring their own supplies. There is no concern if you have a toilet cleaner or disinfectant spray in the supply closet.  BSI I understand to achieve the deep clean your office or retail space needs, you need the right cleaning supplies.

A clean office equals a good first impression.  Customers and visitors will feel more welcome and happier entering an office that has stain-free carpets and reception area seating as well as dust-free lighting fixtures and a clean bathroom stocked with paper goods and full soap dispensers. You’ll feel confident meeting with customers and guests in a conference room that smells fresh and looks clean to even the most discerning eye.

Professional cleaning services save time and money for the business owner.  A professional cleaner finishes their job more accurately and promptly when compared to the potential cleaning done by you or your employees. Hiring a commercial cleaning service saves time that could be utilized in other areas of business.

These are only a few benefits to hiring a professional cleaning service. If your business would like a FREE Estimate for professional cleaning services; give us a call today 631.921.6894 or use our contact us form.

Rely on BSI – Building Service Industries for Professional Janitorial Services
Enhance the way your commercial space looks with our custom janitorial and office cleaning solutions. Our comprehensive cleaning assistance will give your office a face-lift. You will be impressed to know that we also provide building maintenance. From window washing and floor waxing to sanitizing and carpet cleaning, we have you covered.

The industries we service include professional, industrial, financial, health care, educational, retail, and restaurants. Get in touch with Building Service Industries today!

Cleaning Services for Buildings

Cleaning Services for Buildings

Building Service Industries offers janitorial cleaning services for buildings in New York, Nassau & Westchester County, with over 20 years of commercial maintenance and cleaning experience. We’ve been serving the area of commercial real estate owners and property managers since 1998, and during that time we’ve earned our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy New York commercial maintenance company. Our clients highly rate our janitorial and maintenance services because we go above and beyond for them. If you are looking for a comprehensive janitorial service, you’ve found it!

What keeps your commercial building running smoothly?

Control your quality, consistency, and cost.  Whether you manage a small office building, a corporate campus, or an office park, you know the importance (and the hassles) of maintaining a top-quality building. When everything works as it should, the people in your facility have better experiences and you can relax a little. BSI specializes in taking care of every square foot of your property like it is there own. As a single source of expertise, our well trained, experienced team will perform the services you need, exceeding your expectations and freeing you to focus on your business.

Maintenance companies are not all alike. Finding the best service provider can save immediate and long-term costs while improving your commercial property and business. Janitorial cleaning services for buildings are our main specialty at BSI. Cleaning commercial spaces from top to bottom, with the focus on the high-traffic areas. We will get those fingerprints off the glass doors in your dealership just as we will wash the day’s worth of greasy splatter off your restaurant kitchen’s floors. Just show us where to clean and consider it done!

Why is Building Service Industries Different?

Running a business gives you a lot of things to worry about – cleaning shouldn’t be one of them. Our experienced personnel specializes in the needs of industrial, office, medical, buildings, higher education, as well as specialty structures.

Our commercial cleaning services are available Day and Night. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment in order to overcome even your most demanding cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Building Service Industries’ commercial cleaning services are customized for any or all of your specific cleaning and maintenance needs. We are available to serve you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including emergency services.

High-Touch Point Cleaning Services

At a minimum, you need to be sanitizing high-touch areas at your facility on a daily basis, but in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, daily cleaning may no longer be enough. While your commercial cleaning services may keep things clean and tidy at your facility, Building Service Industries can go one step further with specialized touchpoint services designed to mitigate the spread of germs throughout your building.

Our high-touch point cleaning services align with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our cleaning experts focus on cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting the parts of your building most likely to be vectors for spreading diseases, our cleaning services for buildings include:

  • Entry | Exit touchpoints
  • Vestibule touchpoints
  • Freezer and cooler handles
  • Grocery carts
  • Material handling equipment
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Doorknobs | Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Tables and desks | Countertops
  • Phones | Keyboards
  • Toilets | Sinks | Faucets
  • Breakroom kitchens

Whether you already have a cleaning program with us or you’re ready to build one from the ground up, we can add touchpoint services to your list of ongoing cleaning services to keep visitors and employees healthy. If you’re ready to prioritize high-touch point cleaning at your facility, contact BSI today.

Specialty Cleaning Services for Businesses Like Yours

If your office contains specialty equipment, you don’t want just anyone cleaning it. Machinery or surfaces that require specific cleaning solutions or tools to remain protected, can be reasonably accommodated at your request. Our cleaning services for businesses like yours go above and beyond to streamline all of your commercial cleanings, keeping costs low and fortifying the safety and health of your working environment.

A Full Range of Innovative Commercial Office Cleaning Services

We understand your need for commercial cleaning services for buildings that can meet today’s demands for a pristine image without affecting the bottom line.

Tailoring our commercial cleaning services to your exact needs is just part of how we can help save time and reduce costs. The other part is years of experience and trained personnel combined with state of the art cleaning technology and advanced machinery.

Who we serve:

  • Retail Properties require clean and appealing surroundings to attract shoppers and support their brand images. At BSI, we believe that the cleanliness of the property can make a lasting impression and add to the customer service experience. We have experience handling multiple retail properties and can provide customized janitorial solutions to meet the distinctive needs of each property.
  • Medical Office Buildings must be clean and free of dust, dirt, germs, and bacteria. BSI provides specialized cleaning procedures and extensive environmental services (EVS) training that focuses on bloodborne pathogens and HIPAA. We use EPA-approved hospital-grade cleaning and disinfectant products and micro-fiber technology to ensure a clean, healthy, and safe environment for your patients, visitors, and staff.
  • Government Institutions / Facilities have unique needs and cleaning standards. OSHA and HIPPA requirements are the foundation of our training. In addition, our employees undergo a stringent screening and hiring process to ensure the highest level of security and safety at our government facilities.
  • Educational Institutions / Facilities must present a clean, safe, and professional image to enhance the learning environment for students and faculty. The effects of poor cleaning can adversely affect the performance of students. BSI understands that schools have special needs and can provide a well-designed program that focuses on chemical and equipment selection, employee selection and training, security, and quality control.
  • Commercial Office Buildings must maintain a clean and well-kept image to enhance your business image and provide a healthy environment for the building occupants. BSI services all types of businesses from property management firms, small offices, to building owners in the commercial real estate market. We meticulously clean your facility in order to reflect a professional image for your clients and employees.
  • Hotels visitors say cleanliness is the primary feature they choose when deciding where to stay. In the hospitality industry, an efficient and high-performance cleaning program plays a vital role in making sure your guests continue to return to your hotel. At BSI, we have extensive experience in hotel cleaning services including stone maintenance, kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, drapery & upholstery cleaning, tile/grout cleaning, and more.

With uncompromised quality, we ensure your team has one less thing to worry about throughout the day, so they can focus on your core business. On top of that, our cleaning services also maximize productivity at your facility by minimizing the number of sick days employees end up taking throughout the year.  Click to view all of our services and check us out on Facebook.

deep cleaning services coronavirus covid-19

Deep cleaning services for coronavirus

Building Service Industries has been in business for over 20 years and we understand the need for effective deep cleaning services for coronavirus (COVID-19).  We can defend your home or facility against COVID-19 and other harmful bacteria by monitoring both the state and federal guidelines for Coronavirus (COVID-19) cleaning and disinfection suggestions; as new information comes out, we will be alerting and supporting your facility.

We are experts at cleaning and fighting infection, and we use our expertise every day. Hospitals, senior living facilities, businesses, schools/colleges , county facilities, and homeowners rely on us to keep you safe. We study infection, train our people to eliminate it and utilize best practices as described by the CDC to ensure our work is consistently effective.

Deep Cleaning Services for Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 by:

  • Following the CDC’s guidelines on how to clean and disinfect for the Coronavirus.
  • Use EPA-registered disinfectants and EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens claims.

All areas are cleaned, sanitized, and disposed as biohazard.

  • Wall to Wall restroom disinfecting & sanitizing
  • Touch point disinfecting & sanitizing
  • Break Room disinfecting & sanitizing

During the disinfecting & sanitizing deep cleaning services for coronavirus (COVID-19) we are using electric spraying equipment; this multi-flow system enables us to ensure we reach all those hard to get areas that every location has.  During our routine disinfecting we are ensuring all the employee touch points, switches, desks, counters, equipment are all sanitized.

The impact that the Coronavirus is having on businesses is undeniable, making it critical to have a company through this crisis that you can trust and count on for cleaning. Combating the Coronavirus is an ongoing effort, which is why it is critical to have a trusted cleaning and sanitation service on hand. For regular and effective COVID-19 sanitation services in New York, Nassau County, 5 Boroughs, & Westchester County call Building Service Industries.  

It is important to note that CDC recommends recurring cleaning: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning to keep your home and office disinfected and healthy throughout the pandemic.  Not everyone infected by the deadly Coronavirus is going to show symptoms, which makes it essential to be proactive.  When you schedule professional cleaning services from Building Service Industries, you can be proactive against the passive spread of COVID-19.

The CDC explains Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning Protocols this way:

  • [Cleaning] does not necessarily kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.
  • [Disinfecting] does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

Apartment | Condo | Dorm Building Disinfecting & Sanitation Services

If you operate an apartment building, college dorm or condo complex you may require regular disinfection services, contact Building Service Industries first. We offer free quotes and will recommend the services your business needs to protect your investment.

Hospitals | Schools | County Commercial Building Disinfecting & Sanitation Services

If your facility needs deep cleaning services for coronavirus (COVID-19), BSI can help. Many essential services have been operating the entire time during the pandemic. If your business is operating during this time, it is vital that it is regularly cleaned and sanitized for the health of your team. The BSI team is here to help, we can set up regular cleanings as needed and handle all of the commonly touched surfaces your business faces.    

Our 6 Point Anti-Virus / Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Service:

  1. All of our cleaners are sanitizing all equipment with our disinfectant solutions. before and after entering homes/offices.
  2. All cleaners are required to wash their hands before and after a job.
  3. Our vacuums contain HEPPA filters.
  4. All surfaces we would normally “dust” will be wet dusted with our disinfectant solution.
  5. All areas that have a lot of “hand” traffic will be sanitized. Namely; light switches, cabinet handles, door handles, counter tops, chair backs, remotes, etc.
  6. Bathrooms and kitchens are disinfected and cleaned.

From houses to offices to vehicles to boats; we have the right cleaning solution and tools for all deep cleaning services for coronavirus (COVID-19) that will get the job done safely and efficiently.

Building Service Industries’ Coronavirus Services are ready to disinfect your workplace, 24/7 call us today.