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COVID-19/Coronavirus Protection Services

COVID-19/Coronavirus Protection Services

Building Service Industries is proud to be in business for over 20 years; with our knowledge and experience, we can protect the essential businesses by offering COVID-19/Coronavirus Protection Services.  If you’re an essential business still operating at this time, keeping your workplace safe and free from infection is likely a primary concern. This is true both to prevent illness in the facility and to preserve peace of mind for all occupants, so they know all steps are being taken to keep them safe.  We strongly recommend professionally disinfecting your facility as a way to keep your employees and occupants safe and to keep essential personnel working in this time of crisis.  Professional sanitizing can reach all corners of the facility. By applying disinfectant using a combination of techniques—including fogging, surface wiping, and spraying—areas of the building are addressed that would otherwise be missed by ordinary cleaning.

Commercial properties of all types must take every step possible to protect their customers and employees from unnecessary exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. BSI provides various cleaning, sanitation, and emergency services to help keep your business open and safe. Building Service Industries offers the following services for COVID-19 cleaning:

Interior COVID-19/Coronavirus Protection Services

BSI’s products sanitize and safely keep businesses clean. These products meet the criteria for use against the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and COVID-19 and are compliant with the established list of EPA disinfectants. Our program is designed to keep your location clean, sanitized, and up and running.

Our Services Include:

  • Back-of-house/building
  • Door handles
  • Appliances
  • Front-of-house/building
  • Tabletops
  • Common areas / Lobbies
  • Flooring
  • Food prep surfaces
  • Registers
  • Restrooms
  • Counters

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is most commonly passed from person to person. However, scientists at the National Institute of Health (NIH) have now determined that the virus can stay active on some surfaces for up to 3 days. This means general cleaning will help, but it won’t eliminate germs to stop it from spreading.

Commercial office cleaning with disinfectants should include a deep cleaning of all areas of the office with a special focus on high-touch areas and common areas. Commercial cleaning services should separate disinfecting and sanitizing processes.

Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Services in Nassau, New York, and Westchester County

At BSI, we are supporting businesses all over Nassau Country, New York, and Westchester County in the fight against coronavirus. Our teams are offering both proactive and emergency response solutions to cleaning your building. Our COVID-19 services, available for commercial businesses, include the following:

  • Proactive Risk Reduction – To help boost your daily cleaning and janitorial efforts, we are fogging an area or entire buildings with an EPA-approved disinfectant.
  • Touchpoint Cleaning – If you need additional cleaning support, we can be contracted to wipe down frequently touched areas, including phones, computer keyboards, and doorknobs. After this process, we will fog the area or entire building with an EPA-approved disinfectant.
  • Confirmed Exposure Deep Cleaning – In the unfortunate event of a confirmed or suspected viral exposure, we offer a full deep cleaning of buildings. Utilizing full PPE safety measures and building containment protocols, our trained teams conduct a deep cleaning of surfaces. We are responding to these calls 24/7 to help keep essential services up and running.

These types of services are important for businesses to prevent the spread of this virus. Whether an area has been exposed or your business is just looking to take some preventative measures, Building Service Industries has the tools and expertise to help.  We are advising all essential services to put together a brief “what if” plan in the event their facility has a confirmed viral exposure. You cannot afford to shut down your operation for long. Building Service Industries is your trusted partner to clean your facility and get you back up and running?

BSI currently works with the following industries for COVID-19 cleaning and emergency response • Police and fire departments • Transportation companies • Senior Living Facilities • Medical Buildings / Facilities • Education • Warehousing • Manufacturing • Pharmacies • Religious • Insurance • Media/Communications • Utilities • Banking/Financial • Municipalities • 

Safe and Healthy Environments

A big part of our lives is spent working so without a safe and healthy environment, productivity could be a challenge. Every opportunity we have to improve your workspace is one we take with enthusiasm and commitment. We can offer you weekly inspections and sanitize of every surface in your office, from desks to door handles. During this time, we’ll also have our cleaning services available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, in the event your office has special cleaning needs.

Our professional cleaners are here to serve you with the same attention to detail and commitment to exceptional customer service, just as we have for the past 20 years we’ve been in business. We’ve always emphasized the quality of our cleaning services speaking for itself, especially now in a time when sanitary is synonymous with safety. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or special cleaning needs.

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